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    imaginesim's KATL Atlanta For X-Plane

    Just released is imaginesim's KATL Atlanta for X-Plane 11. ATL by definition is a monumentally busy place. It's the World's Number 1 whether by passenger traffic, landings and take-offs, revenue flights, aircraft movements, daily ops, non-stop flights, the superlatives go on. 105 million passengers board nearly 1 million flights to over 200 destinations every year. There are 7 enormous terminal concourses and almost 300 aircraft parking ramps spread across 4,700 acres. It is Delta's home base - the world's busiest airline, a primary Southwest hub, and an important centre of operations for 25 other significant US and international carriers. This feature-rich airport utilizes high fidelity mesh data bringing stunning undulating terrain accuracy, high spec vehicle models, SAM animations, the latest terminal architecture and paint schemes, PBR textures, the amazing new dropoff/pickup zone terminal canopies, Delta Museum aircraft exhibits, developed using bespoke imaginesim XP11 CAD tooling. Features include:
    - Fantastic performance using 64bit code optimized for X-Plane 11.
    - High definition building texturing and native X-Plane 11 ground polygons.
    - Switchable dramatic PBR based water, reflection and shine texturing.
    - Fluid usage, even with complex airliner cockpits and high density AI coverage.
    - Low visibility nav lighting.
    - Switchable dynamic HDR lighting option.
    - Introduces the spectacular canopies over the Main Termianl dropoff/pickup zones.
    - Utilizes imaginesim's bespoke Operations Center configuration GUI.
    - Comprehensive ground and building optimization.
    - Interactive SAM jetways and SafeGate docking systems.
    - Stunning night lighting and effects.
    - Instantaneous scenery cache loading.
    - Sophisticated animations.
    - Realistic taxiway centre and edge lighting.
    - Thousands of hand-placed trees and lush 3D grass
    - Accurate AIRAC procedures.
    - Hundreds of high fidelity apron service and support vehicles.
    - Enhanced custom made hand-placed surrounding autogen.
    - Extensive hand placed trees, plants and vegetation.
    - 15 square mile coverage of the KATL area.
    - Low simulator impact.
    - Graduated ground extremities to seamlessly blend with any vector driven add-on.
    - Tested and approved by real-life airline pilots.
    Available exclusively at  imaginesim   KATL Atlanta
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    I sure would like to see some of the Imaginesim airports ported over to IPACS Aerofly FS2.  I fly (real world) between KATL and KAUS often.  This could open up some new routes for them.

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    Amazing performace? Are you sure about that? I get 20 FPS when I look in the middle of the airport. Such as the jetways, when I look in the middle I get 25 FPS. When I am coming in for a landing I get 30-35 FPS. When I go into airports (which have amazing scenery) I get 40-55 FPS. It's the jetways that are the problem. Specs are..... GTX 1070, I7-7700k, 16GB ram. I need help. There anything I need to disable. I have parked cars on, does that matter. I might turn those off just for more FPS. Thank you. 

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