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    Infinite Flight For iOS Updated To Version 1.7


    Infinite Flight, the increasingly popular Flight Simulator for iOS, has been updated to version 1.7!

    This update includes 4 main items:

    New Devices: Added support for the new iPhone 5 and iPhone 3GS/iPod Touch 3rd Gen

    Replay: We've added the best replay system available in the market for flight simulators today! It records the last 3 minutes of flight and allows to play it back at multiple speeds, seek and jog through to review the exact point where you landed. Early reports show that our users are loving this new feature!

    New Airplane: We've added our best airplane yet, the Boeing 767-300 in 10 liveries (United Continental, Hawaiian, Air France, Lan, Thomas Cook, Virgin and more!). The airplane has support for winglets that are only shown for the airlines that have them in real life.

    New Cameras: One of the most requested features along with replay was the addition of new camera views. We've now added multiple new camera options (tail, wing view, belly, scenic and more) to enjoy replays with the view you prefer.



    Minor things were also added such as a flight path vector to help during approaches, better autopilot settings layout, improved control layout, new ATC sounds, temperature setting... Finally, some of our users using low end devices like the iPod Touch 4th Gen and iPad1 were having issues with frequent crashes. We've spent a fair amount of time fixing these issues that were linked to memory usage, so these users should see a big difference in the overall stability of the application.


    Download the new version here.




    Full Changelog:



    - Added support for the iPhone 5.

    - Fixed support for iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch 3rd Gen

    - Added Replay (last 3 minutes of flight with advanced playback options, slow/fast, jog cont

    rol, and pickup flight from any position in the replay)

    - Added a new Boeing 767-300 + 10 liveries with winglets (IAP)

    - New Camera Options (Tail, Wings, Landing Gear, Scenic Cam, and more)

    - Temperature can now be set in the weather settings

    - New ATC Sounds

    - Animated Slats for the A321

    - Flight Path Vector in the HUD

    - Fixed memory issues that caused crashes on load with the iPod Touch and other low memory devices.

    - Smooth List/Scrolling animations





    What's coming next: Already started working on the next update that should focus on airports and scenery rendering improvements.

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