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    Instructor Station 3.31 Released


    Transform your Flight Simulator into a Serious Tool for Pilot Training and Proficiency with Instructor Operator Station (IOS) software for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D and X-Plane.


    Full array of features that provide full situational awareness and external flight sim control.


    The new version (3.31) compiles the following:

    - Custom failures (10 user-defined failures can be specified in the "customfail.txt" file). Number of custom-defined failures will be increased in subsequent versions
    - Added map to drag-and-drop ACFT position in REPOSITION tab
    - Added map to follow ACFT position and display fixes, navaids, etc. in RECORDER tab
    - Added display of Approach plots to RECORDER tab
    - Sequential start of networked PCs
    - Combination of conditions to trigger failures (speed and/or altitude and/or countdown timer)
    - Saved Scenarios now include saving preset failures. Training scenarios can be easily saved and loaded as required (engine out on take-off, etc.)
    - Now possible to set Season
    - Added Airbus/Boeing Project Magenta APU Fire failure.
    - Added Airbus Project Magenta failures (AC BUS 1/2 Fault, Hot/Hung Start, High Oil Temp, Cabin Pressure Fault, IAS/Pitot Fail).
    - Added remote shutdown of PCs
    - Added ILS depiction to new maps under Navaids.
    - Added navigation buttons to new maps.
    - Re-organized some menus and functions.
    - Installer now respects previous files for Navigation database, custom failures, PCList.txt and Start/Stop bat files.
    - Fixed bug with Windows On-Screen-Keyboard.
    - Fixed installer bug referencing wrong folder.
    - Fixed bug with Wt & Balance input units.
    - Fixed FDR import bug when Google-Earth plugin not available.


    You can download from the Instructor Station website.

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