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    Instructor Station Version 2.0


    Instructor Station Version 2.0 for Flight Simulator X & FS9 is now available with the following features:

    Meets all FAA requirements for approval in Advanced and Basic Aviation Training Devices, per FAA Advisory Circular AC 61-136.

    ForeFlight Mobile integration.

    Added Bluetooth functionality for GPS data export.

    Added Low and High Altitude Airways export and view in Google Earth.

    Added cross-wind component and lateral displacement tracking at touchdown, to assess crosswind landings performance.

    Added ‘General Aviation Look’ option to the Miscellaneous settings in the General tab, to better suit the needs of various users.

    Added Engine #1 and #2 RPM and manifold pressures to the data logger, as well as to PDF report.

    Added ATC communications window. ATC communications are sent to the event window when data is logged.

    Added playback capability.

    Added ILS and VOR monitoring to “tracker window”, including selected course and DME.

    Added slip/skid and turn rate indicator to “tracker window”.

    Added the TRAFFIC tab, where all airborne and/or ground traffic can be monitored, and traffic alerts (TCAS) can be generated.

    Added VFR and MVFR preset weather conditions in the Environment tab.

    Improved settings for VFR, Marginal VFR (MVFR) and ILS CAT I thru IIIc in the Environment tab.

    Added more options to the visibility setting in the Environment tab.

    Added preset selectable transponder codes to the NAVCOM tab.

    Added LBS and GAL option to the Fuel/Load tab.

    Added payload stations and weight and balance calculations to Fuel/Load tab.

    Renamed Views/Slew tab to SimControl, added Sound on/off and Situation Reset buttons.

    Added Voice Control (beta).

    Corrected several bugs.


    Visit the Instructor Station homepage for complete details and installation instructions.

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