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    Just Flight 146-200/300 Jetliner


    Just Flight`s 146-200/300 Jetliner is now out. A new 146-300 model with five international airline liveries has been added to the 146-200 Jetliner add-on for FSX and Prepar3D.

    If you bought their 146-200 Jetliner add-on before today, please log in to your account and download the new files, which include the updated software and revised manual. Also included in these new files is a Service Pack which provides additional functionality and a number of fixes and updates. Take a look at the FAQ in the Support section if you need any further information.

    New buyers of 146-200/300 Jetliner as from today will get the updated software complete with both the 146-200 and 146-300 models and all the Service Pack updates.

    Four new livery packs are also now available , two for the 146-200 and two for the 146-300 model:

    146-200 Livery Pack 1 (16 liveries)

    146-200 Livery Pack 2 (16 liveries)

    146-300 Livery Pack 1 (13 liveries)

    146-300 Livery Pack 2 (13 liveries)

    And that's not all! A new 146-300 QT ('Quiet Trader') Expansion Pack for 146-200/300 Jetliner will be available by Download in the week commencing 17 December.

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