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    Just Flight DHC Chipmunk Coming Soon


    The DHC Chipmunk was designed by engineers at the Canadian offices of the De Havilland Aircraft Company and became the RAF's military trainer of choice in the 1950s, replacing the rugged and reliable Tiger Moth.

    The DHC-1 is an all-metal fuselage, low-wing, two-seat trainer, and although its roots are easily traceable to the Tiger, it's more powerful, more responsive and much stronger. The cockpits are a little more sophisticated than the Tiger’s but retain a simple layout for easy familiarisation.

    The design has been the subject of continual upgrades, including turboprops, bubble canopies and other aerodynamic improvements, and has proven so adaptable and reliable that it continues today to be a most successful aero club trainer, aerobatic champion, crop-sprayer, glider tug and commuter transport!

    Model features

    •Opening engine hatch which reveals a beautifully modelled Gypsy engine
    •Fully functional canopy with working release handles and emergency hatch release
    •Correctly working hinges and actuating levers on all flying surfaces
    •Special textures on wing surfaces for a realistic ‘stretched, doped linen’ appearance
    •Animated pilots (in civilian or military attire)
    •All gauges, switches and levers are animated when viewed from the exterior view
    •Nine military and civilian HD liveries
    •Fly from the front or rear cockpit
    •Every detail for all the switches, knobs and levers of the real aircraft is authentically reproduced
    •Optional navigation kit which is switchable and mounted in the rear cockpit, making basic VOR/LOC navigation possible
    •Demountable GPS unit and authentic P8 compass for basic flight planning
    •Flap control levers have the correct working cable and pulley system
    •Fully detailed throttle and mixture quadrant
    •2D cockpit panel and pop-ups
    •Authentic Gypsy engine sound set
    •Highly accurate flight dynamics
    •Comprehensive flying manual and cockpit guide

    The team at Just Flight expect to have everything ready for release next week , keep a weather eye on the horizon and drop by the Just Flight DHC Chipmunk Homepage for further information.

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