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    Just Flight F-111 Aardvark Released


    The Just Flight F-111 Aardvark is the original production variant built for the USAF as a medium range interdictor and tactical strike fighter/bomber, entering service in 1967. It’s swing-wing variable – sweep wings enabled the F-111 to cover a wide range of tactical missions from slow-speed, low-altitude bombing to high-speed (Mach 2.5) fighter interceptor roles at altitudes up to 66,000ft. Its primary function, however, remained as a tactical ground strike and effective ground-forces support machine.

    This package includes the F-111A and F-111C models in five liveries each with highly detailed model-specific virtual cockpits and a range of ordnance.


    The distinctive F-111 variable wing swing is modelled with accurate flap, slat and wing glove operation, and there's even a functioning escape pod, allowing you to jettison yourself from the aircraft in case on an in-flight emergency. Following the jettison process, a parachute will deploy from the escape-pod and guide you to a safe touchdown.


    Other features include the iconic F-111 'Dump & Burn' feature, and an accurate HUD, authentic tracking, radar and radio equipment, and a selection panel for controlling what ordnance appears on the aircraft.


    Visit the F-111 Aardvark Homepage for complete details.

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