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    Just Flight PA-28-181 Archer III


    Just Flight PA-28-181 Archer III for FSX and P3D is now on sale for P3D V1-V4, FSX, FSX: SE. 

    The PA-28-181 Archer III is a four-seater, piston-engine aircraft equipped with a fixed tricycle landing gear, 180hp four-cylinder engine and fixed-pitch propeller. Certified in the mid-1990s, the Archer III is one of the most recent PA-28 variants to be built, reflected in its streamlined cowling and cockpit overhead panel controls. Capable of cruising at 118 knots and with a range of nearly 500 miles, it is an ideal aircraft for touring and flight training.

     The cockpit features an impressive suite of avionics for instrument training and IFR flights, with a GNS 530 GPS, GNC 255 radio, S-TEC autopilot, HSI and ADF instruments. Situational awareness is enhanced with a Traffic-Watch ATD-300 traffic awareness unit and Strike Finder stormscope.
     The Archer III is flown all around the world and in addition to our UK research aircraft, G- CIFY, the product will feature liveries from the USA, Canada, France, Australia and Germany


     A flight computer panel and interactive checklists for every stage of flight are provided and the aircraft systems include custom-coded fuel and electrical systems, Refill menu and functioning carburettor and primer controls.

    For further information visit the PA-28-181 Archer III   Product Page.

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    I like the look of this, and I had a bit of a soft spot for the old Flying Club version - this one looks much improved. With one purchase covering FSX and P3D v4, it'll save me re-buying my A2A C172 for P3D v4.

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    Hi Folks,

    I'm intrigued - I may have to slap my AOPA Sweepstakes paint job on her like I did on the old Dreamfleet model in FS9... The real AOPA aircraft was an Archer II though - poetic license... Funny - the winner of the AOPA plane was a woman at the very same airport where I was flight training - KPOU - so close [sigh]... I think the Piper paint scheme shown in the JF advertisement was heavily influenced by the AOPA paint job - they used it on their production aircraft for a couple years...

    Dreamfleet AOPA Paint Job...





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    As nice as it is (with spark plug fouling etc), £28 in a sale is still a lot for a GA single piston prop with questionable night lighting!

    You can get the A2A 180 for £33 and then you get Accusim, some customisation and maintenance, walkaround etc.

    JustFlight do let you try a free demo though.

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    Does it have the same wonky damage system and red night lighting as the 152 and the Arrow .... or are they improving ?

    Edited by Gabe777

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