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    Following the release of version 11.30 for X-Plane all the Just Flight aircraft  developed in partnership with Thranda Design have now been updated with new features and numerous optimisations and improvements! These include...

    o   Support for rain effects (requires the free third party 'Librain' plugin)

    o   Revamped flight dynamics

    o   Improved sounds and sound effects

    o   Improved VR

    o   Upgrade to SASL 3.5.1, which now includes pop-out window support

    o   Revamped RealityXP configuration for the latest capabilities of the GTN 750


    There are more improvements, some that cover the whole range and some that are bespoke to each of the aircraft.

    For current owners you simply need to redownload your aircraft(s) from your account. The updates are inclusive.   Any new buyers will benefit immediately from the latest updates.

    All of Just Flight X-Plane aircraft can be found  here: .


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