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    Just Trains Release BR03 Class locomotive


    The new Romantic Railroads German BR03 Class Locomotive for TS2013 by Romantic Railroads features detailed models of the German Railways DGR Class BR03 steam loco in the 1920-1945 era and the Polish version as used in the late 1950s to 1968, and the add-on includes different tender variants, eight types of passenger coaches and a good selection of standard and Free Roam scenarios.

    ‘Simple’ and more complex versions of the locos are included so you can choose which one suits your driving preferences - take a look at the 15-minute driving tutorial video to see how to get this fine machine up and running.

    The locomotives and carriages are highly authentic and feature many accurate animations, and there are also many custom-built and animated period objects in the scenarios - this may well be the first rail sim add-on to feature animated ox carts and a Zeppelin!

    The Romantic Railroads BR03 Class Locomotive is on sale by Download, visit the product page for further deails.

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