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    Just Trains Three Country Corner Route


    Just Trains have released the Three Country Corner Route – covering 80 miles (130km) of stunning scenery in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


    A tour de force in route design, with many thousands of hours poured in to the development of the route which runs between Lake Constance in Germany on the Island of Lindau, Rorschach in Switzerland, and St. Anton in Austria via the single track mountain pass (Arlberg Pass) that winds its way through the Alps.


    Four different and highly realistic signalling systems are modelled, with a comprehensive guide available to download separately and provided in the 54-page PDF manual included with the add-on,  along with a set of signalling tutorial videos


    Numerous custom scenic objects can be found along the route, including country-specific gantry systems, signage, station assets, buildings, and snow-retaining walls, along with major features such as tracks, main roads, rivers, bridges and tunnels all accurately placed.


    Ten standard scenarios and five free roam scenarios are included, giving you a perfect opportunity to explore this picturesque route, which is also Quick Drive enabled. The route also makes use of TSX night lighting and realistic super-elevation.

    Three Country Corner Route is compatible with Train Simulator 2013 for users who were automatically upgraded from TS2012 in September 2012, or for TS2013 users that have the Foliage Pack, European Asset Pack and US Asset Pack.

    Full details can be found on the Three Country Corner Route Homepage

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