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    KATL Atlanta For MSFS


    Just released is imaginesim's KATL Atlanta for MSFS. The World's Number 1. Whether by passenger traffic, landings and take-offs, revenue flights, aircraft movements, daily ops, non-stop flights, the superlatives go on.... ATL by definition is a monumentally busy place. 96 million passengers board nearly 1 million flights to over 200 destinations every year. There are 7 enormous terminal concourses and almost 300 aircraft parking ramps spread across 4,700 acres. It's Delta's home base - the world's busiest airline, a primary Southwest hub, and an important centre of operations for 25 other significant US and international carriers. Test and hone your skills at the world's premier interantional airport.

    A complete custom-built replacement of the default Atlanta airport.
    5 runways and 7 terminals.
    Hand crafted buildings and airport grounds.
    High resolution textures.
    Fantastic night lighting.
    Internal terminal modelling.
    Hundreds of airside vehicles and ground staff.
    Sloping and undulating runways and terrain.
    Interactive passenger jetways.
    Enormous 10 mile square coverage of the airport area.
    Framerate performance optimization.

    Regular free updates and improvements as MSFS matures.

    Available exclusively via the MSFS Marketplace.
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