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    KAUS Austin For FSX

    Imaginesim have just released their latest airport, KAUS Austin Texas, USA. This new airport presents an exciting evolution in quality following the critically acclaimed ZSPD Shanghai released earlier this year. KAUS Austin handles in excess of 10m passengers each year, serving cities right across the USA, Europe and Central America. There is a demo version to sample and screenshots over at www.imaginesim.com. The P3DV2 version will follow in a few weeks .

    Product Features:

    100% high definition custom made textures

    Realistic weathered and worn ground markings and runways

    Custom building shadows

    Stunning night lighting

    Supported by Aerosoft's AES (due next iteration)

    Thousands of hand-placed trees and lush 3D grass

    Airport software code optimized for increased performance

    Surrounding satellite photo mesh

    Enhanced custom made hand-placed surrounding autogen

    Interactive docking guidance system (DGS)

    Hundreds of apron service and support vehicles

    Complete non-generic runway and taxiway signage

    Unique concrete, tarmac and grass texturing

    Thousands of custom made and hand placed parked cars

    Realistic taxiway centre and edge lighting

    Tested and approved by real-life airline pilots


    Visit the   KAUS Austin Texas Homepage for details and a look at the Demo Version.


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