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    LHC Piper Pacer For FSX & P3D


    From the studios of Lionheart Creations comes the Piper Pacer, a very elegant aircraft born in the 1950s. Following their success with the Piper J-3 Cub, the company announced the Pacer series, featuring several variations of the Pacer aircraft including a conventional tail tragger and the Tri-Pacer with a nose-gear configuration.


    The aircraft provided to be very successful due to their affordability, with over 10,000 built by the 1960s. The popularity of this classic 1950s aircraft hasn’t diminished and many examples are still in use today, many of which have been subsequently retrofitted with bush flying kits, new cockpit instrumentation and improved landing gears.


    A diverse range of Pacer aircraft are included in this product, with a total of 33 high resolution liveries covering the tail dragger, Tri-Pacer, bush flying and float plane variants. Highly detailed authentic cockpits are included for each variant with both vintage and modern instrumentation modelled.Visit the Piper Pacer Product Page for complete details.

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