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    Lionheart Creations Avelina V2.0 Reissue


    Lionheart Creations announced the re-release of the futuristic Avelina 4 seat composite luxury aircraft. The Avelina is a concept plane that uses electric propulsion yet has a small bio-fuel turbine as a backup 'hyrbid' recharger for the onboard battery grid.


    This massive package contains 15 variants that include various 'themes' of interiors, beautiful burled wood, leather upholstery, a colorful and artistically done LCD dual screen system like nothing you have ever seen, and many many popup panels, doors, gauges, and other gizmos to keep you roaming around in the interior alone.


    Featuring tinting instrumentation, LCD built in 'themes', pilot options, flexing wings, hide-able steering wheel yoke, roll down windows, and now a 'new' Soundpack which features the quiet like 'whirr' of what such a dual motor propulsion system would sound like, coupled to a six bladed composite whisper prop. I must say that even I am really impressed with the Soundpack. Several more paint schemes have been added that include neon blue, neon green, neon red, metallic gold, a German paint scheme, and a nice, racing white and red 'racer' looking paint scheme.


    For more information visit the Avelina Homepage.

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