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    Lionheart Creations Proton Bullette


    Lionheart Creations is proud to present the newest release to the LHC product lines; the new Proton Bullette series!

    The Proton Bullette is an imaginary journey into German Aviation in the days of the 1930's and 40's, where a single seater second level trainer was created to teach basic fighter pilot combat maneuvering skills, a lightweight aircraft that was inexpensive and fast and extremely docile that could give pilots a sure training on high performance aircraft before introduction to actual fighters.

    The Proton Bullette series comes with three versions of planes; the original B-37 with fixed landing gear and open cockpit.  The B-40 variant with retractable landing gear and open cockpit, and the final production version that had a fully enclosed cockpit.  These planes come with 15 paint schemes each, totaling 30 full theme packages in high resolution format. There are different panel and interior color trim layouts, race planes, military training liveries, there is a neat, small storage compartment behind the pilot, retracting entry steps, and a great manual that is loaded with screenshots and diagrams. 

    The Proton is powered by the infamous German Argus As-10 inverted V8 engine.  Coupled with a liteweight airframe, this aircraft is a handful to handle.  The airframe is a mixture of German influence; the fuselage looks like a Bucker Jungmeister, the wings like that of a wind swept Junkers, the odd scooped nose like that of a Fieseler Storch, the wheel skirts of a classic American plane of the 1920's, and the RG variant sports landing gear reminiscent of a Focke Wolfe Fw-190.

    If you want something totally different, totally new, even strange, but fast and fun and basic, something like a 1930's race plane mixed with a Bucker Jungmeister, and you like to go very low and very fast, then this might be for you.

    Visit the Proton Bullette Homepage for further information.


    Edited by Chuck_Jodry-VJPL

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