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  • Lousiville International From FSDT


    FSDT has announced the release of the new Lousiville International Airport (KSDF), home of the UPS Worldport cargo Hub.

    Featuring an unprecedented integration between the scenery and GSX, to simulate the special Cargo Stand loading platform, with new human animated characters that move containers to/from the airplane directly into the warehouse, with a precise placement system that supports several cargo airplanes as used by UPS ( 757, 767, MD11 and A300 ). The scenery use SODE jetways. It has been designed with Prepar3D V4 in mind, with many optimizations specific to it, but it's also compatible with FSX.

    GSX has also been updated with many bugfixes, new features and all the required additions to support the new cargo loading system at KSDF.

    For the next days, we are having a launch Promotion: purchasing KSDF will allow you to obtain an 40% discount on any other FSDT product that will be purchased together with it. To activate the offer, use the following Coupon Code in the ordering process:


    The Launch promotion will last until October 23rd 2017

    Visit the FSDT Forum for further information.

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