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    Lufthansa Cargo From Perfect Flight


    Perfect Flight has just released Lufthansa Cargo for FSX, an “all in one” add-on with planes and missions dedicated to one of the most recognized worldwide Airlines.Lufthansa Cargo for Microsoft Flight Simulator X gives you a chance to experience the difficult task as captain of large aircraft.

    Product includes:
    - Boeing 737-800, Boeing 747-400 ”Service Revolution”, Md-11 WOW Powering World Trade, Airbus A380,   all with virtual cockpit and original sounds. Also, plenes are equipped with the special iPad Radar gauge. A tool to transfer the necessary frequencies from a displayed list to the COM1 transceiver, traffic monitor, winds information and more.

    - Fiften mission to/from Frankfurt, Manchester, Nice, Gibraltar, Rome, Oakland, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Toronto,  Johannesburg, Tel Aviv, Helsinki , Palermo, Dusseldorf
    - Step by step checklists (with popup windows) and detailed cockpit procedures (Welcome Captain, Pre-start and Startup, Cabin preparation, Taxi and Takeoff,Cruise and Descent, Approach, Landing, and Shutdown

    - Original Sounds and voices

    - Flight Briefing with any useful information about the flight (route, weather etc.)

    - Charts and  Maps included in the kneepad and a popup window
    For more info, visit the Perfect Flight Homepage

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