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    Luxembourg City Photoreal


    Scenerysoft has released Luxembourg City Photoreal, a photoscenery add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator X with an area of 110km² in 1 meter per pixel resolution that will cover the whole city as well as the airport on the northeast.

    Luxembourg City Photoreal adapts to seasonal changes, whether it's spring, summer, fall, winter or hard winter (snow coverage). During the night you will see illumination on streets and highways as well as darker areas in forest and fields where no light is cast.

    Also featured is full autogen coverage for the photoreal area with trees and buildings which users can disable if they prefer in the FSX settings.

    Great care was taken in making sure that the transition from the photorealistic ground to the default landclass ground is as seamless as possible, without hard borders and smooth feathering, as well as color tones.


    110km² of 1m resolution covering the whole Luxembourg City

    Autogen with buildings and vegetation

    Seamless blending with surrounding default terrain

    Full seasonal textures including "hard winter" snow coverage

    Full night lighting, see illuminated roads, highways and city area

    Water mask for all rivers, streams and ponds

    Native FSX product fully compiled with FSX-SP2 SDK


    This photoscenery was created for Microsoft Flight Simulator X with either SP2 or Acceleration installed. Since our add-on was compiled using the most recent version of the resample tool it will not work in RTM or SP1 versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator X.


    Visit the Homepage for further information.

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