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    Mad Catz Announce Saitek Combat Pilot


    In a News Submission sent to Avsim Mad Catz announced Saitek Combat Pilot. Based on the FSX engine Combat Pilot will use a proprietary multiplayer server system to allow members of the flight sim community to train together to become virtual combat pilots.

    This training will take place in a dynamic multiplayer environment where you can create or join virtual squadrons and fly with your friends and wingmen, perform check rides and weapons training, dog fight each other and ultimately fly combat missions together.


    Members of the Combat Pilot community train together, fly together, interact together performing check rides to ensure that only capable pilots fly inside their controlled airspace. Primary Flight Training consists of basic flight skills including takeoffs, landings, and instrument scans and takes approximately 40 flight hours. Advanced Flight Training gives you 40 more hours of intense training in ether the CP-T-38C or the CP-T-45C, depending on your selected career.


    The purchase price of Combat Pilot will include three A2A Simulation military aircraft for FSX and 7 fully updated military airports for FSX. These are yours to keep even if you should cancel your subscription. You also receive a full month of individual flight training as part of the initial membership.

    Everyone starts as a Cadet. As you progress, you will be given an opportunity to be promoted, receive citations and awards, and acquire Combat Pilot experience. Flight Training Ops (FTO) represents the first step towards the goal of flying strike, carrier strike or other combat missions with your wingmen, squadron, and online community. Built on dedicated servers with a custom multiplayer engine, FTO provides:

    • A controlled true multiplayer environment with live chat
    • Over 25 nations from which to choose a career
    • Train on CP-T-6Bs, CP-T-38Cs and CP-T-45Cs to earn your wings
    • Graduate to Fighter Lead-in School in preparation for deployment to combat operations

    The CP-T38C or CP-T-45C (used in Advanced Flight Training) come in the correct paint schemes from all available country careers, as well as US Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force colors. Once you purchase Combat Pilot, these planes become yours to use whether you stay on as a Combat Pilot member or decide to leave the community. You can download the 84 Page Ops Manual to read more about it.




    Fighter Lead-In

    Upon completion of Advanced Flight Training you will, as a newly commissioned strike pilot, report to NAS Fallon for fighter lead-in training in the CP-AT-6B.

    • Learn basic air-to-ground and air-to-air tactics. Air-to-ground range includes SAM site and a variety of harden targets. Air-to-air includes both human and AI engagements
    • Basic Training: Rockets, Guns, and Sidewinder Mission (AIM 9)
    • Fly online with your squadron and be a part of the greatest team
    • Intense training programs and challenging check rides ensure top combat pilot qualifications

    Career Path

    Your career in Combat Pilot is very important. It will impact whether you can be an XO or CO, the paint scheme of your aircraft, highest possible rank you can achieve and much more.


    The Bases

    As a member of the Combat Pilot community, you have access to seven highly detailed air bases. The bases feature upgraded buildings, ramps, and surroundings. The upgraded bases are:

    • Whiting Field North
    • Whiting Field South
    • NAS Pensacola
    • Sheppard AFB
    • NAS Fallon
    • NAS Corpus Christi
    • NAS Oceana

    As a special offer, just for Avsim members, one lucky person is going to receive the outstanding Top of the Line Saitek X65F Combat Control System for PC and two Saitek Flight Instrument Panel (FIP) gauges just for registering free their unique callsign. ($699.99 value)




    Visit the Saitek Flight Instrument Panel & Saitek X65F Combat Control System Product Pages for full specifications and details on these top class products. These prizes are compliments of Saitek Combat Pilot and are intended for Avsim members.


    System Requirements

    The minimum system requirements are just that and will provide a minimal experience. The recommended system is still very low end for the typical FSX user. The key will be a good broadband connection and just about any headset with microphone. You must already have FSX with Acceleration installed and then purchase a Combat Pilot Membership. The initial purchase includes your first month’s membership fee and you receive several nifty new aircraft add-ons and military airport scenery upgrades. This new package is the brainchild of Mad Catz with four partners - A2Asimulations, Flight1, IRIS, and RAZBAM. Each of these partners bring their flight sim related talents to the table for this first of its kind high performance one-on-one flight training.



    For more information visit the Saitek Combat Pilot Homepage

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