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  • MaddogX Reboot V1.3 From FS2Crew


    FS2Crew is proud to announce the release of FS2Crew MaddogX Reboot Version 1.3.

    This product is a voice-controlled airline crew simulation designed specificially for the new MaddogX by Leonardo.

    Version 1.3 is a significant update and all owners should install it.

    To obtain the update, login to your FS2Crew account and click "Completed Orders", re-download and re-install.


    There is no need to uninstall the old version first.

    Change Log:

    V1.3 (March 22, 2018)

    -FO's "Rotate!" call trigger speed fixed.

    -Logic added to prevent users from accidentally starting the same engine twice.

    -Logic for FO's control of cockpit and aircraft lighting improved based on time of day.

    -Sound volumes adjusted for numerous recordings.

    -Removed the passenger boarding sound. Some users who used non-default bit-rate setting in their audio settings reported an anomaly with this sound (dinosaur sounds to be exact :-). The sound itself was not the problem but rather than non default bit-rate. Regardless, you can't even hear this sound with the cockpit fans running, so I removed it.

    -Trigger changed for the night lighting of the FS2Crew Panel. The brightness knob now needs to be up near the half way position for the FS2Crew lighting to activate.

    -Cabin PA's fixed, and the volume of the Cabin PAs can now be changed instantly via the PA knob on the Captain's audio panel.

    -When Hard/Soft mute active, green bar will no longer appear, even if sound is detected.

    -New voice commands available:

    Set XXX point XX on (Standby) Comm 1 / 2.

    Set XXXX on the transponder.

    Set XXX point XX on Nav 1 / 2.

    -You can disable the CTRL key to be used for Soft Mute by doing this:

    C:\Users\****YOUR USER NAME****\AppData\Roaming\FS2Crew2010\Versions\MadDogRB\SavedData\FS2CrewData.ini

    Open FS2CrewData.ini with notepad.

    Make the 0 and 1.


    Then Save.

    -The FO will now set ART to auto during his climb flow if a Flex takeoff was performed.

    -FO's transponder handling updated.

    -FO's handing of the Airfoil Anti Ice updated (Pneumatic x-feel valves will now close as appropriate).

    -FO Chronometer handing during engine start fixed.

    -For the Descent checklist, the system will now accept XXXX POUNDS / TONS/ KILOGRAMS for the fuel quantity check.

    -FO will now set the Ignition to "Both" prior to engine start to put FS2Crew in line with MaddogX stock SOPs.

    -Control of the Ignition knob is now delegated to the user in all other stages of flight. Remember ignition needs to go in if using anti-ice.

    -For the EPR Bugs and TRP challenge in the Taxi Check, you can now also respond TAKEOFF AUTO or TAKEOFF FLEX OFF. Or, as appropriate, you can use a specific value. Example: FIVE FIVE DEGREES TAKEOFF FLEX.

    -During the parking flow, the FO will leave the engine hydraulic pumps on (only Aux and Trans Pumps will be turned off.)

    -Center fuel pump tanks will now remain off until after takeoff. After takeoff, if the tanks are not empty, the center fuel pumps will be turned back on.

    Visit the FS2Crew Homepage for further details.

    Edited by Chuck_Jodry-VJPL

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