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  • MCA Designs NA Airstrips


    The MCA Designs NA Airstrips volume 1 package for North America has been released!

    Volume 1 includes three different and challenging airstrips for you to put your pilot skills to the test, as well as to use as a launching platform for some great sight-seeing flights in the Pacific Northwest.

    Included Airstrips:
    98TE Hilltop  (43 Deg 19’ 19.14’’N 123 Deg 10’ 35.75’’W)
    95OR Flournoy Valley  (43 Deg 12’ 23.41’’N 123 Deg 31’ 53.26’’W)
    8OR3 Riverview Ranch  (42 Deg 56’ 03.92’’N 123 Deg 07’ 21.68’’W)
    Scenery Features Common To All Airstrips: 
    Realistic buildings and objects created using gMax with textures based on real aerial images.
    Custom modelled 3D trees, grass and bushes filling the airfields and surrounding areas.
    Large photoreal scenery areas are included around all the airstrips using licensed high-resolution 30cm/pixel source imagery. This imagery is custom-blended to fit well with the Orbx PNW textures outside of the photoreal coverage areas.
    Thousands of hand-placed trees and houses have been added to give the airstrips and surrounding areas depth and realism, contributing to a more immersive flight.
    Color-matched for four seasons to match perfectly with Orbx Pacific Northwest season textures. It also color-matches reasonable well with default scenery too!
    Added audible bird sounds around airstrips for added audio immersion. Listen out for these when you cut your engine!
    Amazing Performance - We designed this scenery package with frame rates in mind. You will find this scenery performs well on even low-spec systems with minimal frame rate impact. You will be able to enjoy a good amount of scenery detail with this package without it grinding to a frame-rate halt!
    Package includes professionally produced user-guide in PDF format
    If using this scenery with default FSX, the package includes and installs a custom 10m terrain mesh for enhanced realism.
    Compatible install options for FSX default scenery, FSX with FTX PNW region pack, and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D default scenery.
    Note:  This scenery package is primarily designed for use with Orbx FTX Pacific Northwest region scenery (sold separately), but will also work well with default FSX scenery and default P3D scenery. While FTX PNW region scenery is recommended, it is not essential to run this package. The scenery you purchase here will include options for both default FSX and FTX PNW scenery installations.


    For further details visit the MCA Designs NA Airstrips volume 1 Product Page .

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