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    MCE For PMDG 777 and PSS 777


    Determined not to leave FS9 faithful out,  MCE have finally managed to provide a complete voice crew simulation for the Boeing 777 , to provide seamless integration, and above all, flexible voice communication with virtual first-officer.

    Enjoy going through the ECL and hand flying the aircraft in virtual cockpit mode (or 2D if you wish) safe in the knowledge the FO won’t do anything silly that would compromise the integrity of the flight.

    Voice control when implemented the “right way” is a real pleasure. No requirement to start in Cold & Dark and then follow some rigid orchestrated actions. It’s completely interactive. The professionals can rehearse their virtual or real world airline procedures to minute detail, while the occasional user might just need to bark orders at FO and expect him to provide a second pair of hands when needed.

    MCE now supports many of the popular FSX (P3D) & FS9 complex aircraft all in one package.

    No hype, no “doctored videos” to wow you, simply a genuine Demo you can play with and make your own mind up.

    Guaranteed 3 days of fun with FSX, P3D or FS9 Download MCE Here .

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