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  • MegaScenery Earth 2.0.


    Announcing the new MegaSceneryEarth 2, Teamed up with a new partner, Sim-Savvy, to bring you the entire USA within 1 year and then move onto other parts of the world for you to fly the Flight Simulator skies in high resolution detail.

    There have been a number of changes to the product as well as changes to the pricing, ordering, and delivery model.

    Firstly the scenery:

    MSE2 has been able to source much better aerial imagery with which to create MegaSceneryearth with. All source imagery is between 50 cm and 2 meters per pixel. It is then displayed at 1 meter per pixel. With the higher resolution source imagery, your scenery is much sharper and clearer than ever before.

    MSE2 has also eliminated custom autogen, photoscenery should be what it is and not "tainted" with artificial autogen scenery. MegaSceneryEarth simply looks better to fly with as photoreal textures only.

    Night scenery. MSE2 is working on bringing you night scenery as a free upgrade to any MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 scenery that you purchase. Since most flight simmers fly during the day 90% of the time, we have made it our priority to complete the USA day time scenery before we then move onto night scenery. When we do, you will receive a free upgrade to the day time scenery you purchased for the same area.

    Also since MSE2 has done away with Autogen and also changed the data file storage size to store larger areas per file, MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 actually performs much faster overall in terms of scenery loading times.

    Pricing, ordering and Delivery:

    Ordering Model. No more single smaller individual tiles. MSE2 is now creating and offering scenery on a complete state basis. All you need to decide is which state(s) you want and you'll get to fly everything in that state from border to border.

    Pricing. Scenery pricing is now much fairer with state prices ranging about 70% lower than the previous model.

    Delivery. When you order MegaScenery you still have the option of download delivery with DVD master backup set. However, if you have no intention of downloading and do ONLY want DVD delivery, then you can save a couple of dollars per product, since we won't have download bandwidth costs, and order DVD ONLY delivery. Please note that all DVD delivery prices include FREE shipping to anywhere in the world.

    So... that in a nutshell sums up MegaSceneryEarth 2.0. Please enjoy our initial offerings below and watch for new areas added very frequently.

    So starting building your entire USA photoscenery world for Microsoft Flight Simulator X today!

    The first title CONNECTICUT is available now with more areas being released shortly.

    Please note also that previous offerings are still available

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