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    Megasceneryearth Arizona


    Fly the entire state of Arizona in photoreal detail for the most realistic Arizona VFR flying experience with Microsoft Flight Simulator X

    The fifth largest state of the lower 48 (over 114,000 square miles), Arizona offers a flying experience that brings you over all sorts of terrain from towering mountain peaks above 12,000 feet, high plains, canyons, basins mesas and barren deserts. You now get to fly over every square mile of it in photoreal detail throughout, with our latest release in the MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 series.


    Also fly the greatest most spectacular landmark of them all - The Grand Canyon captured in full photoreal detail - every square mile of it. 

    Featuring 220 airports in FSX for you to use as departure and destination points there's a LOT of flying to be done as you make your way around the entire state of Arizona "true VFR" (or IFR too if you like).

    This title comes with PDF versions of all the charts you need, 3 VFR sectionals, 4 IFR enroute, plus 262 pages of Instrument Approach Charts for every approach in the the state.

    MegaSceneryEarth 2.0 Arizona is available download ( 41.2 G ) or by order on a 10 DVDs box set. 


    Visit the Megasceneryearth Arizona Product Page for details and download.



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