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    Milviz B407 Released


    The B407 features a four-blade composite construction main rotor and hub , a powerful Rolls-Royce/Allison 250-C47 turboshaft and carbon fiber composite tailboom. The standard arrangement has seating for two crew and five cabin seats.


    The 407 was certificated in 1996 and the 1,000th helicopter was delivered on June 15, 2010, the majority in service for corporate and offshore transport, as air ambulances, in law enforcement, electronic news gathering and power Line monitoring and service and various kinds of forestry.


    The Milviz 407 was developed in close association with certified pilots to allow a detailed representation of all aspects of operation , from initial pre flight inspection of the exterior, fuel condition and refueling, flight crew loading with the Extended Virtual Cockpit mouse functions on the complete exterior, the static rotor blades even react to wind gusts.


    Cold and Dark Cockpit procedures are faithfully recreated, the Preflight & Systems Checks duplicate its real world counterpart with the full range of warning sounds and lights. Startup procedures following the manual and custom coded to allow a realistic turbine starup routine and rotor spoolup.


    Unique features of the Milviz 407 include DX11 Night Lighting, a Milviz exclusive allowing infinite versatility in defining light states in FSX. The ACM permits each livery to have its own configuration of Navigational Equipment installed from the included GNS 430 530 or Bendix King sets or use the RXP GNS 430 530 or WX systems on the 3D Garmin parts included , Mindstar compatible as well. A user assignable setup is also included for use with any 2D gauges. The Exterior is supplied with removable Fram Damper & Wire Cutters and interior a choice of panels , all configured from the ACM and individually assignable for each livery.


    A high quality sound set recorded from a real 407 as well as custom interior sound effects for all system and warnings is included. With Five liveries and available High Rez Paint Kit .



    Visit the Milviz B407 Product Page for more information.

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