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    Milviz P-38 Civilian Redbull Redux


    The best preserved P-38 in the world lead a hard life until lovingly restored to gleaming perfection for the world famous energy drink. September, 1945 saw P-38 F-5G-6-LO, serial number 44-53254 dismissed from the Air Force and registered as civil aircraft. Finding its way to Houston in the hands of J.D. Reed, an air racing enthusiast who worked to further optimise the speed of the plane. He recruited passionate pilots, including Charlie “Firewall” Walling who achieved 2nd place at the 1947 Miami Air Races.


    In 1963 when the P-38 fell into the hands of flying legend Marvin “Lefty” Gardner who, inspired by the former colours of the Confederate Air Force, opted for a striking white colour bearing the nickname “White Lightning”. Lefty was born to be both a mechanic and a pilot and is immortalised for the Reno National Championship Air Races. He attended for decades and there were days he won 2 out of 3 races. His greatest strength was Precision Aerobatics.

    However, in 2001 the White Lightning was struck down by an engine in flames, Lefty’s son Ladd escaped by the skin of his teeth and managed to bring the plane down in a cotton field in Mississippi. The white plane was now black and with substantial damage.


    8 years later following a comprehensive restoration at Ezell Aviation the plane looked as if it just left the factory floor, a metallic gleam perfects the form of the double cantilever body, modern avionics and systems complete the rebuild.

    Milviz has rendered the metalwork in the highest resolution possible using custom reflect and crisp bump mapping to bring the polished aluminum to life.

    A fully interactive cockpit , automated flight management of engines with full failure support . Avionics include twin gps and autopilot system, integrated 3D RXP GNS 530 & 430 support. All VC elements rendered in 3D, all systems animated and with 3D Gauges throughout.


    Visit the Milviz P-38 Civilian Redbull Redux Product Page for details and download.




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