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    Milviz Updates B55 & P38 RedBull Redux


    The Beechcraft Baron B-55- Light GA Twin Series from Military Visualizations has a Service Release to enhance   RXP 3D GNS 430 / 530 support and user assigned radio stack versatility.

    Additional updates for lighting were included with items suggested by MV clients to round out the Service Pack . Owners of the B55 are instructed to download their Beechcraft from the original point of purchase as it becomes available , the update is now ready for download on the  Military Visualizations Product Page for clients who ordered it from there.

    Also released this Weekend is an update for the P38 RedBull Redux , this Service Pack modifies the RXP GNS 430 / 530 Integration as well and in addition further enhances systems controls with extra mouse options.

    The Update is available from the Milviz P-38 Civilian Redbull Redux Product Page now and from the original point of purchase as it is made available by the distributors  .

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