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    Multi Crew Experience PMDG 777


    Fly the 777 with your first officer ready to dial things, flip switches for you, or read the checklist when you ask him to, a total of 7 high quality recorded voices to choose from. Fly with American, Australian, British, or European first-officers including one female. It currently supports 28+ complex aircraft including most PMDG aircraft, CS aircraft, Aerosoft A32X, Majestic dash Q400, CoolSky, Quality Wings, Level-D, and a few others.

    This isn’t some dull simulation where you are expected to sit around like a duck, and follow manual instructions to the letter. That wouldn’t be fun at all, it’s all interactive instead. It’s serious voice control for the professionals, while also catering for the amateurs in that there is no requirement to follow a rigid protocol, you even get the ability to create your own voice commands should you want that.If you’ve flown the PMDG 777 with many other heavy add-ons you probably know how constrained the virtual memory address space is.

    Throwing the speech engine inside the flight simulator process is definitely not the smartest thing one should do.That’s why in order to preserve the flight simulator integrity (the most important thing), MCE have opted for a robust design whereby, only absolutely necessary code runs inside the simulator process. The heavy part of the application, speech engine and recorded audio, run outside the simulator process, thus preventing the VAS going over the dreaded 4 GB limit. they are careful about the VAS limit to the extent that MCE will show you how much of it is left every time you speak a command. All within the simulator and in full screen, no more OOMs out of the blue.

    MCE Installs on any Windows version, from Windows 8 all the way down to Windows XP, 32 or 64 Bit. To experience the thrill of voice control, you only need a decent headset (no need for the expensive variety) and have a go at the available Demo,download package to your desktop, unzip and run “Setup”. Existing MCE users will be happy to hear that yet again, they can upgrade to the latest version and enjoy multi-crewed PMDG 777, free of charge.

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