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    Multi Crew Experience Update CS L1011 Tristar


    FS++ Simulations are happy to announce that Multi Crew Experience voice based crew simulation has just been updated to support CS L1011 Tristar. You can finally fly this aircraft in a simulated crew environment, including a virtual co-pilot and flight engineer.

    This update also brings support for the lately released Pro Flight 3 ATC system. Enjoy total voice control interaction with your virtual crew as well as transmit ATC jargon to MSFS, PF3 or even Radar Contact ATC controllers. And for those who aren’t familiar with MCE, this update is mainly about CS L1011.


    A decade in the making, many of the major third party aircraft are already fully supported, even those that don’t have SDK. That includes almost all PMDG heavies, many Captain Sim, Quality Wings, CoolSky, Aeroaoft, Majestic and other third party aircraft makers.


    That’s right, all in a single package for your convenience. And to preserve your precious simulator Virtual Address Space (VAS), we have elected to run MCE outside the simulator process.


    Watch this video with Tristar:

    There is a fully working Demo available from this page:  http://www.multicrewxp.com/Downloads.html

    Do not forget to download and install additional recorded voice packs. No one flies such heavies alone. Why should you?

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