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    Nagasaki Int & Omura RJFU OMJ From Pacific Islands Simulation


    Pacific Islands Simulation has just released its latest project - Nagasaki Int & Omura airports with the following features:

    Accurate RJFU and OMJ airport terminals, hangars and buildings;
    HD custom runway and apron/tarmac textures;
    Custom vegetation and objects typical of the RJFU and OMJ airports;
    3D (volumetric) grass;
    High resolution (15/30cm pixel) photoreal seasonal textures. Textures are custom hand painted to reflect real-world land and water coloration;
    Custom night lights and effects throughout airport and surrounding areas;
    Custom ground shadows to avoid negative fps impact;
    Rotating radar equipment and beacons;
    Custom static local ground service equipment;
    Fully optimized for steady/smooth simulation experience;
    Animated and static birds;
    Mishima bridge linking mainland and island airport.
    Wavecrash sound effect at shoreline;
    ....and more.


    To read more and/or buy the product visit the Nagasaki Int & Omura Product Page .

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