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  • New Features From fsAerodata


    fsAerodata is pleased to announce new features concerning the aeronautical database for FSX, FS-SE, Prepar3D .

    AIRAC cycle 1802, adds a full and detailed coverage of ARTCC/FIR sectors in North America and Europe, with real-world altitudes layers and center frequencies, enhancing the ATC realism. This cycle includes some of Europe‘s most busiest airspaces: Germany, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands.

    The database has already full coverage of US and Canada ARTCC sectoring,  with additional countries to be added in upcoming cycles.

    About fsAerodata:

    fsAerodata aeronautical database brings flight simulator default navigation data to current status, allowing to sync flight simulator with other addons navdata or real navigation charts.

    Some of the features included are approaches, SID and STARs, airways, navaids, airport comms, ILS stations, airspace, ARTCC airspace, runway headings, magnetic variations, ICAO changes

    fsAerodata requires an  active subscription to Navigraph.

    Visit the fsAerodata Homepage for further information.

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