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    New From Navigraph


    Navigraph are pleased to announce some major developments mainly concerning the Charts offering.


    Navigraph will add Lufthansa Systems as a supplier of chart data to significantly expand our coverage. The charts are intended to be used during the planning stages, as well as during flight, to increase the level of realism of the flight simulation experience.


    Along with an updated desktop client, Navigraph are also announcing the release date of an accompanying native Charts iPad app.


    The charts can be purchased as a monthly subscription or as a one-year package. There will also be a bundled product which includes Charts + FMS Data.


    These changes are expected to be published in early May 2015, except the iPad app which is expected early June.




    Navigraph now have an agreement with Lufthansa Systems to distribute their worldwide coverage of Lido airport and enroute charts to the flight simulation community. Adding the Lido charts , Navigraph greatly expand the coverage with 206 new airports, bringing the total to 2,641. The current Navtech coverage will be kept, but when an airport is included in both the Lido and Navtech charts, we shall display the Lido version. The enroute charts will be all-Lido. Out of the 206 new airports, 68 are in the United States:KABI, KACT, KAEX, KATW, KBAD, KBFF, KBGM, KBIS, KBLI, KBMI, KBRD, KBRO, KBUR, KBZN, KCDC, KCGI, KCMI, KCWA, KDAL, KDHN, KELM, KERI, KFMN, KFOE, KFWA, KGCN, KGPI, KGRK, KHLN, KHOB, KIDA, KIFP, KILN, KINW, KITH, KLAR, KLSV, KMBS, KMCF, KMFR, KMSN, KMSO, KNBG, KNQX, KOSC, KPAM, KPHF, KPMD, KPQI, KPSC, KPVU, KRDR, KROA, KSBN, KSKA, KSKF, KSLN, KSRQ, KSUS, KTUP, KTWF, KXNA, KYKM, PABI, PACV, PAEN, PAGA, PAKT, PASC

    The chart data revisions will occur at a quarterly interval, just like before.




    Scheduled to be released in the beginning of June 2015 is a native iPad version of Navigraph Charts. As in the Cloud and Desktop version of Navigraph Charts, the app will provide a worldwide coverage and unlimited download of updated airport and enroute charts for all Navigraph users who have signed up for a monthly subscription or one-year package (see products and prices below). The app will also feature an interface for streaming video tutorials, as in Charts Cloud and Desktop.


    The main motivation for developing a native iPad app in addition to the existing Charts Cloud, which also runs on mobile devices, was to improve the rendering speed by locally caching chart data on the device. In addition, the charts will be displayed in the same vector format as shown in Charts Desktop. Hence, the app will allow pinch-zooming down to the very details of the large enroute charts.


    Moreover, the app will feature a tabbed interface which allows a user to quickly reorder open charts into a preferred sequence. The tabs are color coded following the Lido charts legend to quickly find STARs, SIDs, and other types of diagrams. Furthermore, an annotation mode will allow users to scribble finger gestures on top of the charts to highlight points of interest.




    Navigraph are introducing the new Navigraph Ultimate - a new Charts + FMS Data bundle product, which will be available both as a monthly subscription and as a one-year package. The monthly subscription will cost EUR 7.50 excl. VAT, and will automatically be billed every 30 days. There is no binding period; the subscription can be cancelled at any time. The one-year package is a one-time payment, and will not automatically be billed again; however, we offer a discounted renewal price for extending the package one more year. The new one year Charts + FMS Data bundle will cost 64.90 Euro excl. VAT, lower than the current price for purchasing Charts and FMS Data individually. For detailed pricing information, see the table further down.


    In order to streamline Navigraph Charts offering, Navigraph shall discontinue the system for individual airport purchases and downloads. We shall only offer the Charts one-year package and the Ultimate Charts + FMS bundle one-year package and monthly subscription. In this way, the same products apply to all Charts interfaces: Charts Desktop, Charts Cloud web app and the upcoming Charts iPad.Access to airports and enroute charts in Charts Desktop will be revoked after the paid period (monthly subscription or one-year package) ends, to further align it with Charts Cloud web app and the upcoming Charts iPad.


    Together with the new chart format and the iPad app, both the Charts Desktop and the Charts Cloud will be upgraded. Along with bug fixes, the new versions will also provide color coding of charts following the Lido charts legend, as in the iPad app.




    Navigraph shall change all Navigraph FMS Data products such that their validity is defined in calendar days instead of AIRAC cycles. In this way, the 13-cycle FMS Data package will be changed to a one-year FMS Data product, and hence give access to all cycles during one year (365 days) from the day of purchase.


    Similarly, the validity of the 4-cycle product will change from a period of 13 consecutive cycles to 365 days.


    Finally, there will be no single cycle product; it will be replaced by a 30-day FMS Data product which gives access to the current cycle(s) during a 30 day period from the day of purchase.


    These changes will ensure that the download access period will be the same in length regardless of the day of purchase; it is no longer needed to review the AIRAC release schedule upon purchase to determine how many days you may download. Of course, AIRAC cycles are kept to identify the 28-day revisions of the data, and new data will be released every 28 days - each cycle - as before.


    For more information, see the Navigraph News Page

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