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    New Scenery Graphical Interface In GSX 1.5


    FsDreamteam announce the release of a new major update to GSX, the 1.5 version, which introduce a big new feature, a Scenery Graphical Editor, that will allow users to customize all parking spots at every airport, both default and 3rd party, to create a perfect integration with GSX, and share their creation with other users too.


    The editor is entirely graphical, very easy to use, and it's running inside FSX, using the familiar "Slew" keys commands, to position each GSX vehicle around the parking spot, allowing for a precise integration of GSX with the scenery used.


    Any scenery can be customized: default, 3rd party and even sceneries that were already customized in GSX (like FSDT ones), removing the previous limitation that prevented customization of sceneries internally supported by GSX.


    The result of your work will be saved in an .INI file in your %APPDATA%\Virtuali\GSX folder, named as the ICAO code of the airport. The file can be easily shared with others, and we are opening a new section on our forum today, to host your creations and download the one made by fellow FSX users and the FSDT team.


    To get the new version, download and install the latest version ( or later) Stand-Alone Addon Manager for FSX, which will update your GSX installation to the 1.5 version. You'll get also a major Live Update notification by GSX.


    If you downloaded the full GSX installer after May 12th 2012 and the installer reads 1.5 or later when it starts, you don't need to update to get the new feature.


    Check the updated GSX PDF manual in the FSX\fsdreamteam\Couatl\GSX folder, for more details how to use the new Editor. The editor also has a quick online Help file, with a summary of keys used.

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