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    New Versions FSFlyingSchool PRO For FSX/FS9 P3d


    FSInventions announced the release of new versions of their add-ons for FSX/ FS2004 and Prepar3D FSFlyingSchool PRO 2013 v. 6.4.1 for FSX/FS2004 & FSFlyingSchool PRO 2013 v. 2.3.0 for Prepar3D
    What's in these new versions?

    NEW! Instructors monitor final descent to touchdown and offer advice.

    Your instructors will now be closely watching your descent rate as you come into land! You are most likely used to our instructors advising that you are descending too fast, when you are, but they are now watching very closely as you come in to land.
    As you would imagine, they expect your descent rate to drop as you get closer to the runway and are looking for a gentle landing whenever possible.
    As you get closer to the runway, the rate of descent expected becomes smaller and smaller; the rate expected in a heavy aircraft is greater than that of a light aircraft.
    If your rate of descent is greater than the instructor would like, you will hear "You're descending too fast" from the instructors. Previously, your instructors left the descent rate of the last few hundred feet up to your judgement, but now they are ready to share their advice!
    Our extensive testing has shown that pilots often react to this by adjusting vertical speed at the last moment and overshooting their landing target when they realize how heavily they've been landing due to excessive descent rates.

     But... after a little practice... landings become smoother & easier, thanks to the new help from the FSFlyingSchool instructors!

    As with most features in FSFlyingSchool, this new feature is optional and can be turned off if desired.

    Owners of a registered copy of FSFlyingSchool PRO 2013 can update to the new version for free. Others can download the free demo and try it all out. To find out more, watch movies, download free demos with no time limit, etc, visit the FSFlyingSchool website.

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