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    NEXTMesh FRANCE From France VFR


    NEXTMesh FRANCE covers the entire French and DOM territory with a 4.75 meter (LOD13) resolution terrain mesh.
     This product is not an upgrade from the previous « MESH France FSX 19/38 meters» but a brand new product based on very high resolution data from the NEXTMap® Europe Program (InterMap Technologies® - USA).
     This product already includes fixes for airport platforms issues that allows a smooth terrain mesh for more than 400 airports and airfields areas.


    - HD terrain mesh resolution (4.75 meters – LOD13) for Metropolitan France
    - HD terrain mesh resolution (4.75 meters – LOD13) for DOM (except for Guyane and St-Maarten)
     - Fixes for airport platforms issues for more than 400 airports and airfields areas
     - Less than 15 cm vertical precision
     - Optimal compiling compression ratio for better quality/performance compromize
     - 0.5 degree x 1 degree grid splited files to optimize memory loading process
    - Full compatibility with France VFR® photoreal sceneries
     - Ability to combine NEXTMesh with other lower resolution generic meshes

     More information and screenshots visit the France VFR website.

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