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    NL2000 scenery Version Number 4.09.


    The NL2000 team has released several updates for their NL2000 scenery. This will be version number 4.09.
    The greatest change in the update is the addition of autogen buildings and houses in the Dutch scenery.
    Besides that, a few airports has improved versions.
    In EHGR has a better framerate , in EHRD and EHEH have changed exit and taxisign numbers.
    For EHKD is a complete new layout of the platform and taxiways. EHOW got an extra taxiway and EHST
    has got a complete makeover .
    Also the NL2000 libraries and NL2000-3D packages are new.
    A lot of new buildings between Schiphol and the city of Amsterdam are created.

    For installing the 4.09 packages installer version 4.076 is needed. There is a new manual too.

    Downloads via The NL2000 team Homepage

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