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    On The Horizon - First Expansion For Flight

    Robert W

    Perfect Flight is pleased to inform you that their first expansion for Microsoft Flight will be released next week and available as dowload or in a box. The name of the product is: FLYING HAWAII - Approaches & Landings. Product needs Microsoft Hawaii pack installed and includes more than 130 pre-saved flight situations. It also includes: Real approach plates to all Airport of Hawaii, including ILS, VOR and Visual approaches; Scenic adventures over major Hawaian's point of interest. Those flights gives you the freedom to better explore the Hawaian's skies at your own pace.


    Flights put your plane in the correct location, altitude and direction in order to obtain a certain Microsoft Flight Aerochache and help you to advance your career as a pilot in Microsoft Flight. Charts and Navigation Maps for Hawaian's airports. Also, they have included a flight with an undocumented flying object called "Delta". The Delta is an simobject included by Micrtosoft in the original package but not availbale in the Hangar. The flight prepared by Perfect Flight lets you see the Delta Object crossing the sky.

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