• OpenVFR Buildings Now Available


    The team of openVFR has released a new scenery series for placing buildings to Microsoft Flightsimulator X.

    The new scenery packages named 'openVFR Buildings' will add thousands of generic autogen buildings to your flightsim. This will improove the flight experience dramatically as these houses will be placed in 3D at their real world positions.


    By adding buildings at their real world positions on top of existing sceneries you can really fly over realistic and fascinating landscapes.

    Adding openVFR Terrain will improove topographical information like roads, railways, river, lakes, coastlines, forest, etc. You could even add more special objects like power generators, towers, stadions by installing 'openVFR Objects'. Together with 'openVFR Mesh' (to improove the shape of hills and mountains) the user now has a huge choice to select the level of detail for each country according to his computer performance.",

    openVFR Buildings can be also used standalone with other vector sceneries or even on top of any other external photosceneries. This is all in all very flexible for the user."

    The sceneries are available for download at www.openVFR.de

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