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    OpusFSI Updated To Version 4.45.3


    OpusFSI Version 4.45.3 is now available for download on the OpusFSI website. This version is compatible with Microsoft FSX Steam Edition.

    The new OpusPDK interface for use on Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v2.4 provides more efficient Live Camera, Live Camera Control, and DHM eye point control.


    This allows for a smooth transition between camera views taking into account any 'in sim' eye point adjustments. We have improved the Volumetric Fog effect for Prepar3D which can now add a reduced visibility layer above the low lying Volumetric Fog effect. Low Overcast Effects can now be combined with Volumetric Fog.

    Extra ambient temperature targets and Dynamic Wind Control have been added to model the typical conditions within the Tropopause Boundary Layer up to 20km altitude, and all Stratospheric Levels above that up to 50km altitude.


    Right-clicking over a traffic symbol on the Live Weather Assistant map will display a LWA Traffic Monitor box for real time monitoring of the selected aircraft. The LWA Traffic Monitor box displays the call sign, type, model, flight number, airline, point of departure, destination, distance and bearing from destination, distance and bearing from your aircraft, altitude, elevation, heading, and ground speed.


    A snapshot of the current worldwide weather (METARs and GRIB forecast data) can be saved as an OpusFSI World Weather Theme to subsequently be reloaded at any time or any place in the world.


    OpusFSI is fully compatible with FSX, FSX Steam Edition, and all versions of Prepar3D , Visit the OpusFSI Homepage  for further information.

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