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    OpusFSI Version 4.01 Released


    Opus Software is proud to announce the release of OpusFSI version 4.01. Available as a discounted upgrade to all our existing customers. This new release includes many exciting improvements and additions.

    Enhanced Live Weather Engine:   Live Weather Assistant (LWA) enhanced with various zoomable geographic map options together with superimposed flight plan route, wind speed arrows, turbulence data, aerodrome locations, customisable aircraft symbols and much more.  

     LWA weather maps and reports can now be generated before a flight has been loaded.  

     New Cloud Associations option creates pseudo cloud layers that are not often reported in the METARs but are typically associated with certain cloud types and conditions to provide an even more realistic weather interpretation.  

     Coordinated wind and temperature target schemes have been introduced to greatly reduce the number of forced weather updates during the climb and descent.   

     Selective Update mode introduced to minimise FSX cloud and wind shifts.  

     Faster GRIB decoding and processing.  

     Improved Live Camera editing and management.  

    Visit the OpusFSI Homepage for further details on this new release.

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