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    OpusFSI version 4.60.4


    Opus Software is proud to announce the release of OpusFSI version 4.60.4 ,  OpusFSI is available as a discounted upgrade to all our existing OpusFSX customers until the end of September.
    This new release includes many exciting improvements and additions including,
     • You can now create up to 99 World Views on your system but will generally only need a few defined at your favourite airports, or multiple views defined at the same airport specifically for video making or plane spotting. The World View cameras can be allocated individual button or key sequences and cycled using common button or key sequences.
     • World Weather Themes introduced. The OpusFSI Live Weather Engine can save a snapshot the current weather worldwide (METARs and GRIB forecast data) as a named weather theme for you to reload at any time and place in the future. Ideal for continuing a saved flight or recreating a saved weather scenario.
     • The new Weather Relocation option relocates or offsets in latitude and longitude to move the current weather using the specified FROM and TO locations. Weather relocation enables you to experience the weather conditions from anywhere in the world whilst still flying at your favourite location or with your favourite scenery. For example, you will be able to experience tropical weather in the middle of the winter at Gatwick U.K.
     • The Live Traffic option has been enabled in the small footprint Live Weather Assistant Maps. LWA maps now include options to examine the SIDs or STARs for any Aerodrome and plot the SIDs or STARs on the map for the current Aerodrome.
     • Access to the new NOAA GRIB Query Server greatly reduces GRIB forecast data download times. GRIB data can now be downloaded in flight.
     • A Rebuild Station Data option has been added to build system specific station (aerodrome) data, including all addon airports and airfields you may have installed. This data contains details of all simulator stations along with all runway and communication frequencies.
    Weather Overview/Locator Coming Soon...
    The Weather Overview/Locator feature is independent of both the simulator and the Live Weather Engine, hence, it can be used without the simulator running and before any weather is generated.
    The Weather Overview/Locator can be used to either locate specific weather conditions on the map that match user specified criteria, or obtain a Weather Overview of the general weather conditions. This is very useful for locating any weather you are interested in globally, or viewing a simple overview of the weather in a specific region of the world.
    Once the required weather is located you can either go to the identified location or use our Weather Relocation option to relocate the weather to a different location on the globe.

    Visit the OpusFSI Homepage for details and download.

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