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  • OpusFSX Interface Now Available


    OpusFSX A New Flight Simulator Interface for FSX and Prepar3D -Live View for synchronized multi-screen networked display-Live Camera for view control and dynamic head movements and Live Weather Engine for real world live weather updates.


    OpusFSX helps take reality to the next level by combining three excellent programs into one user friendly interface, setting new standards of performance and realism throughout its novel design. OpusFSX is ideally suited to both standalone and networked FSX systems making it the ideal addon for cockpit builders and general users alike.


    On standalone systems OpusFSX incorporates two superb functions through its Live Camera and Live Weather Engine interfaces.

    Live Camera provides excellent camera creation, control and docking facilities via its user friendly interface, totally eliminating the need to alter any of the simulator's controls. The Live Camera interface includes support for Windowed Views and provides an ultra-realistic Dynamic Head Movement option (virtual cockpit camera shake) utilising actual 'real-life' capture 3D accelerometer data.


    The Live Weather Engine makes use of our unique Dynamic Weather Themes to provide the most advanced weather updating software in the marketplace. The use of Dynamic Weather Themes has set new standards for weather updating for the FSX and Prepar3D flight simulators. These dynamic themes provide the most detailed, realistic and efficient weather updating service and offer huge benefits over the sluggish, inaccurate and totally unrealistic update methods employed by others.


    OpusFSX includes many excellent Static Weather Themes for use on the FSX and Prepar3D simulators. Alternatively, the Live Weather Engine allows you to create and name your own themes based on the current dynamic theme created from live METAR reports.


    On networked systems irrespective of the size and complexity of your system, whether your system consists of a main 'flying' PC with a single networked laptop client, or a more elaborate multi-computer networked system; the Live View interface, with its ultra high-performance IPC communications, unique Client Side Smoothing software, and perfect synchronization of aircraft status, weather and cloud formations, will provide you with the highest possible networking performance. Whether you simply want an additional controllable display to provide further scenic or external view options, or wish to create a multi-screened panorama for your FSX or Prepar3D experience, Live View offers you the ideal hassle free user-friendly solution.


    Live Camera Features

    • Live Camera provides a user-friendly interface for creating, controlling and managing any number of virtual cockpit, 2D cockpit and external aircraft views.

    • Live Camera creates, controls and manages all views from the 'flying' server system, with live view adjustment for each of your client system cameras.

    • Live Camera allows joystick buttons and keyboard key sequences to be assigned to individual or multiple views.

    • Live Camera enables default views to be specified facilitating the use of multiple screens or the creation of panoramic views over networked systems.

    • Live Camera supports Windowed Views for use on multi-screened computer systems.

    • Live Camera does not require you to make any changes to the control assignments.

    • Live Camera provides ultra-realistic Dynamic Head Movement, or virtual cockpit camera shake, based on actual real-life captured 3D accelerometer data.

    • Live Camera provides Automatic Head Movement to assist the pilot when taxiing and banking into a turn.

    Live Weather Features

    • Live Weather creates Dynamic Weather Themes constructed from current live METAR data.

    • Live Weather provides instant weather updates using detailed Dynamic Weather Themes.

    • Live Weather allows you to see the changing weather patterns en route as you fly.

    • Live Weather allows you to see low lying fog and mist patches.

    • Live Weather creates very realistic cloud and visibility layering.

    • Live Weather allows you to load your own weather using a simple METAR import file.

    • Live Weather allows you to create your own named weather themes or scenarios.

    • Live Weather allows perfect synchronisation of dynamic weather and cloud formations on networked systems.


    Dynamic Weather Theme Benefits

    • Instant weather updating.

    • Perfect synchronization of weather and cloud formations.

    • Detailed weather for the surrounding 480km x 480km area.

    • No more unrealistic clearing of the weather prior to updating.

    • No more annoying screen flicker as METARs are 'slowly' loaded into the sim.

    • No more unrealistic globalized weather from horizon to horizon.

    • No more inconsistencies with distant ATC and ATIS reports.

    • No more METAR voids or unrealistic METAR data morphing.


    Live View Features

    • Live View synchronizes the aircraft's current position, attitude, flaps, gear and lights.

    • Live View employs and optimizes multiple dedicated high-performance IPC network links, with Client Side Smoothing software to provide the highest level of performance and the smoothest possible operation.

    • Live View requires minimal set up and configuration to get up and running.

    • Live View on the demo version of OpusFSX will run for 10 minutes allowing you to evaluate the software and ensure full compatibility with your system.


    Visit the OpusFSX Homepage for complete details.

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