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    OpusFSX Updated To V3.47


    Opus Software announced the release of OpusFSX version 3.47, available free of charge to all existing customers.

    This release includes improved camera transition options allowing greater flexibility and better aircraft walk and fly arounds to be created. The transition speeds can now be slowed down to near walking pace with a slight acceleration and deceleration at the start and end of the camera movement. We have also added a non-linear element to camera view transitions and modified the way zoom level changes are handled.

    This release also includes a reorganised Camera Control dialog which adopts a more intuitive left to right and top down order for the camera configuration options.

    The injected wing flex data has been increased up to the maximum allowed level within the simulator.

    High level cloud cover defined in the RMK section of the METAR is now decoded by the LWE.

    The visibility has been adjusted to generate more realistic poor visibility at lower levels especially when there is a reduced surface visibility resulting from fog, mist, or haze.

    Spoiler (speed brake) deployment, landing and initial roll out vibration effects have been added to the ButtKicker audio control.

    The NOAA (Feb 2014) Met Station list has been updated, visit the OpusFSX Homepage for further information.

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