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    OpusFSX Version 3.2 Released


    Opus Software has announced the release of OpusFSX version 3.2. available free of charge to existing customers. This latest release includes many improvements and additions.  The Live Weather Assistant  provides useful weather information for the current Opus weather map displayed graphically as either a large or small footprint map with options for Surface QNH, Surface Winds, Surface Visibility, Surface Temperature, Precipitation Levels, Low Cloud Cover and Met Station Cover.   
    Flight planning assistance includes Add-on Menu Report options to show the OpusWeather (METARs and optional TAFs), OpusWeatherReport (GRIB Data), OpusFlightReport (Flight Plan), and OpusSidStarReport (SIDs and STARs) text file reports within Notepad. You can import any Microsoft PLN formatted flight plan and all flight plans activated within the simulator are decoded and processed automatically.   
     GRIB data handling and upper wind and temp target injection has changed to improve the resolution of all upper wind and temperature targets throughout the weather map and hence throughout the injected weather region. The download and preparation of the GRIB forecast data can now be followed in the Opus Lower and Upper Atmosphere Report windows.   
     Client Side Live Weather Engine Control has been added to enable you to control the weather and flight planning from a networked PC and display the various Opus Weather Report windows. A Live View Scan Rate (0 to 60ms) adjustment has been added to the FSXSERVER configuration to control the position update rate communicated to the server allowing you to match the preferred rate found using the Live View Server Test.   
     We have improved the touchdown effect in DHM. A Bump Aircraft slider control has been added to the DHM settings. You can now duplicate DHM settings to other views.   
     High Priority options introduced for the server and client programs improve the performance on networked systems. Also a TrackIR High Priority option is included for systems experiencing TrackIR smoothness problems.   
     OpusFSX is the winner of the 2013 AVSIM Reader's Choice award, setting   new standards of performance and realism.

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