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    OpusFSX Version 3.34 Released


    Opus Software is proud to announce the release of OpusFSX version 3.34.


    Version 3.34 is available free of charge to existing customers. This latest release includes many exciting improvements and additions.


    The Side Effects feature introduces turbulence and wind shear within 80 km of your destination airfield based on local features such as terrain or even obstacles and buildings on approach. British sites with some well known International airports are included as standard, currently 59 sites are provided. You can also configure your own customised site effects.


    General DHM Options have been added allow general DHM and associated 'Bump Aircraft' turbulence to be enabled for VC view modes, 2D view modes, and other general view modes without needing the Live Camera interface to set up camera views.


    Live Camera Control enables you to make adjustments to the current eye point for any VC, 2D, or Custom view using either 6-axis GamePad controllers, the arrow keys within the LCC dialog, or any assigned joystick buttons or key sequences specified via the Shortcuts dialog. This is very useful for making seat adjustments, roaming about the cockpit, or flying or walking around the aircraft.



    A Set Camera feature is included with Live Camera Control (LCC) so that you can make temporary adjustments to views. This is useful to overcome the FSX bug which shifts the camera view slightly at different locations in the world.


    The PMDG 777 upper wind and temperature wx file is now be created automatically when you activate your flight plan. Select WIND DATA REQUEST on the WIND page in the 777 and it will automatically load these values into the FMC. The LWE now accommodates systems running at increased simulation rates (requires the free version of FSUIPC4).


    Further anti wind shift measures have been included within the Sim Friendly GRIB Data processing and we have also improved interpolation of surface visibilty.


    The OpusFSX client is now compatible with 3rd party packages such as WideView and WideTraffic.

    Visit the OpusFSX Homepage for details and download.

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