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    OpusFSX Version 3.36 Released


    Opus Software is proud to announce the release of OpusFSX version 3.36.
    Version 3.36 is available free of charge to all existing customers. This latest release includes the following new features.
    The ButtKicker Gamer 2 device control adds another level of realism to your simulation experience. The device attaches to your chair or underneath a false floor and generates vibrations during flight. Up to three ButtKicker devices can be assigned to an audio output and associated with a DHM X, Y, or Z accelerometer data axis. The ButtKicker options include taxiing, engine vibration, turbulent bumps, flaps, spoiler, landing roll out, and landing gear effects. Installing a dedicated audio device such as the Sound Blaster X-Fi Go PRO USB sound stick means that all low frequency BK audio control signals are completely separated from the normal simulator sound and will hence have no effect on your current sound system or current audio output.
    Aircraft and DHM turbulence has been greatly improved. Bump Aircraft turbulence has also been improved with 1,2 or 3 DOF options to suit a variety of different manufacturer's aircraft simulation packages.
    Joysticks or controllers with POV (Point Of View or 8-Position Hat switches) can be used for Live Camera Control axes functions, this is useful for moving your view around the aircraft. Up to four POV or Hat switches can be supported for each controller device.
    More Australian Site Effects have been included bringing the total number of site effects to 67. Site effects introduce additional turbulence and wind shear within 80 km of your departure and destination airfield resulting from local features such as terrain or even obstacles and buildings on approach. You can also configure your own customised site effects.
    For added realism the height range for automatic cirrus generation is now determined by the aircraft's current geographic latitude.

    Visit the Homepage for details and download.

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