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    OpusFSX Version 3.40


    Opus Software has announced the release of OpusFSX Version 3.40.

    Version 3.40 is available free of charge to all our existing customers. This latest release includes exciting improvements and additions.

    The new improved and coordinated Dynamic Wind Targeting and Control   measures are capable of completely eliminating wind shifts whilst still allowing accurate, dynamic, and varied real-world weather to be used within the simulator. These new measures allow both wind and temperature targets to be maintained accurately during all phases of the flight.

    The new GPS Output  feature integrates with 3rd party Navigation and Flight Planning packages such as the excellent real-world SkyDemon  PC software. With SkyDemon  you can plan your flight, receive NOTAMs, track your flight and receive warnings en route such as danger areas and upcoming airspace etc.


    We have improved Bump Aircraft turbulence with new 1,2 or 3 DOF options.  ButtKicker audio output control has also been improved.

    Extended Cloud Smoothing   software helps minimise cloud popping during weather updates at all altitudes.

    Volumetric Fog   option introduced for P3D v2.

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