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  • P-51D Then and Now Series Part 3


    Wabirdsim’s P-51D “Then and Now” series continues with the personal aircraft of Maj.Jack M. Ilfrey, P-51D-5-NA 44-13761 “Happy Jack’s Go Buggy” is recreated as it was in the summer of 1944, shortly after the aircraft began combat operations with the 20th, as well as the fall of 1944, battle-hardened and re-finished with “Piano Keys”.

    Today, P-51D-30-NA 44-74452 flies in the markings of Ilfrey’s aircraft, as one of the most authentically restored Mustangs in existence. This product recreates the aircraft as it was on display at Oshkosh in 2008, where it was awarded Warbird Grand Champion. Since that first appearance, there have been a few changes, and the same aircraft is also recreated in its current state. Featuring a P-51D-5-NA and a P-51D-30-NA, this product provides a “book ends” type comparison between the earliest production variant of the P-51D, and one of the last. While keeping with the “Then and Now” series of two aircraft (a recreation of the original wartime aircraft, and a recreation of a Mustang today, restored and finished in the same markings), this particular product allows you to fly either the original aircraft, or the restored aircraft, at two different time frames for each. Our Pilots now feature animated heads and give an even more realistic look to.

    Variants include:

    - P-51D-5-NA (44-13761) July/August 1944

    - P-51D-5-NA (44-13761) October/November 1944

    - P-51D-30-NA (44-74452) Oshkosh Debut 2008

    - P-51D-30-NA (44-74452) Current Aircraft


    Visit Wabirdsim’s Homepage for complete details.



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