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    P-51K And Bf 109K Dogfight Series


    Warbirdsim and Flight Replicas have joined forces to bring back together the European Combatants in the shape of The North American P-51, in one of the last of the D model aircraft and using the later Aeroproducts propeller to give it the K designation. From Flight Replicas, the final production version of the Bf 109, also the K series (Kurfürst), powered by the DB 605D engine with 1,973 HP this was introduced in the autumn of 1944.


    Externally very similar to the later models of the Bf 109G series, a large number of internal changes and aerodynamic improvements were made to improve its effectiveness and to correct existing issues. This meant it was a good match for the latest Allied and Soviet fighters. The Bf 109's outstanding rate of climb was superior to all Allied counterparts including the P-51D Mustang, Spitfire XIV and Tempest V.


    These aircraft are modelled in high detail and accuracy and give the user an appreciation of these top-of-the-line fighters that were very closely matched in many aspects of performance, and were regarded as the equal of one another when flown by pilots of equal skill. So sharpen those skills, you'll need them. Click here for images


    The aircraft in the package are as follows:

    North American P-51K

    P-51K-1-NT “Dot Darlin/Our Mom” (s/n 44-11360)

    P-51K-5-NT “Nooky Booky IV” (s/n 44-11622)

    P-51K-5-NT “Rusty” (s/n 44-11623)

    P-51K-5-NT “Donna-Mite” (s/n 44-11624)

    P-51K-5-NT “It’s Super Mouse/Sweet Sue” (s/n 44-11626)



    Messerscmitt Bf-109K-4

    (pilots and serial numbers are difficult to come by for Bf-109K-4's, and so

    most of these aircraft are generally anonymous except for their Jagdgeschwader (Fighter Wing) and Gruppe, identifiable by the fuselage markings. However, these particular aircraft were chosen as being highly illustrative of the the many different camouflage styles in effect by the end of the War, some due to official policy, some for tactical, some for paint supply reasons, and some due to the wide dispersal of the manufacturing of the main components.)

    JG 3 "Yellow 2"

    JG 27 "Chevron"

    JG 53 "Black 8"

    KG 6 "White 1"

    KG (J) 6 "Black 12"

    JG 4 "White 4


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